Ke Go Lake- Vietnam’s beguiling oasis in the central province

Located in Cam Xuyen district in the central province of Ha Tinh, the artificial lake is embraced by green forests and mountains with stunning views that attract many local tourists and the afar. 

Green rice flake cakes, fine treat of Hanoi

Green rice flake cakes (or Bánh cốm in Vietnamese), which has long held a special position in Hanoian’s hearts, is an ideal food choice and meaningful gift for Vietnamese and foreigners alike.   

Rhododendron simsii in bloom add charms to Fansipan

As April rolls around and the chilly, clouded Northwest peaks receive the first rays of sunlight, Rhododendron simsii, dubbed ‘empress of mountain flowers’ are awoken in all their glory after a long winter retreat.

Phu Yen, a hidden gem of Vietnam

Phu Yen encompasses a diverse landscape of rivers, lagoons, mountains and fertile plains with nearly some 125 miles of shoreline along Vietnam's curving south-central coast. The province has long won praise for its friendly people, delicious food, and gorgeous places of interest.

Ba Khia - Freshwater crabs in southern coastal provinces

The wetland-dwelling ba khía (three-striped crab) is most popular in the southern coastal provinces of Bac Lieu and Ca Mau where locals consider the creature a familiar delicacy.

Mesmerizing bays in Vietnam to draw tourists

With over 3,000 km of coastal line, Vietnam is no shortage of stunning beaches and natural bays, along with rocky islands and magical caves including these below destinations, which are usually overflowed with domestic and foreign tourists. 

Pickled mustard greens, traditional side dish for the taste of Vietnam

Pickles in general is a popular side dish cooked in different ways in many parts of the world. In Vietnam, pickled mustard greens (or dưa muối in Vietnamese) is a rustic, flavorful dish favored by most Vietnamese.

Wanderlust lists out 12 must-do things in Vietnam

Prestigious UK travel website Wanderlust has suggested 12 amazing must-do things to experience in Vietnam, including lighting lanterns, finding romance at love market, enjoying the iconic Pho.

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge a global stunner

Insider, a leading US news site, has chosen Vietnam’s Golden Bridge in their list of the most stunning bridges in the world.

Enamored Russians paint Vietnam with a captivating brush

The love Russian artists Evgraf Plotnikov and Rita Shageyeva have for the vibrancy and simplicity of Vietnam flows out of their brushes.