Nuts for bananas: a snack of youth

To many Mekong Delta locals, grilled banana dipped in coconut milk represents a vessel of delightful childhood memories.

Yellow blossoms set 400-year-old town aglow

In late March and early April, UNESCO heritage site Hoi An in central Vietnam is illuminated by blooming sua flowers (Dalbergia tonkinensis).

Spring vitalizes picture-postcard village in Ha Giang’s mountains

Pho Tro is a small village on the outskirts of Pho Bang town in Dong Van District. Set amid the granite mountains of Sung La Valley, it is blessed with majestic beauty. Located in its center is the one-hectare Dragon Lake, which is cherished by locals because it has a constant, never-ending flow of water that is rare in highland areas.

Palace where Nguyen king was incarcerated for being anti-French

The White Palace in Vung Tau Town was where King Thanh Thai, the 10th ruler of the Nguyen Dynasty, was once confined.

35-meter-tall waterfall, a hidden charm in Quang Tri

Trang Ta Puong Waterfall in Quang Tri Province, central Vietnam exudes an unspoilt beauty unknown to most.

Nha Trang among top 10 destinations for diving in 2020

US magazine Forbes has listed Hon One (Whale Island) in the central province of Khanh Hoa among the 10 must-dive destinations in 2020

Attractiveness of Hoi An ancient streets – where time pauses

Experiencing the changes of space and time, yet Hoi An ancient streets still keep their old beauty, and relic complexes are maintained intact along with a huge intangible cultural base. Hoi An is an ancient town of the Vietnamese

Ako Dhong: village in the city

In the past, Ako Dhong was nothing but forests. The village patriarch Ama H’rin was the first person to reclaim the area and turn it into a new land for the E De ethnic community in 1956.

Forest peach casts northern Vietnam mountain in pink

Blooming later than usual this year, forest peach blossoms cover Mau Son Mountain in Lang Son Province on the China border.

Lan Ha Bay Is Ranked Among The Most Beautiful In The World

It is known that Lan Ha Bay is famous as one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam, peaceful and romantic, adjacent to Ha Long Bay. Read more