Ke Go Lake- Vietnam’s beguiling oasis in the central province

Located in Cam Xuyen district in the central province of Ha Tinh, the artificial lake is embraced by green forests and mountains with stunning views that attract many local tourists and the afar. 

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge a global stunner

Insider, a leading US news site, has chosen Vietnam’s Golden Bridge in their list of the most stunning bridges in the world.

Lotuses add to charm of Hue

The lotus has been associated with Hue for a long time through its architecture, cuisine and culture. You can see lotuses in lakes and ponds everywhere in the town, even the Hue royal palace.

244-year-old Hue bridge to undergo restoration

Restoration of former imperial capital Hue’s 244-year-old Thanh Toan Bridge in Thanh Thuy Chanh Village, commenced Thursday.

Largest communal house pulse of Central Highlands

Dubbed ‘roof of the tall mountains’, Kon So Lal communal house is a revered spiritual landmark of Gia Lai Province.

Cassia tree larvae central to highland diet

Vietnam's Central Highlands is famed for stir-fried cassia-tree larvae, a dish not for the light-hearted.

Yellow blossoms set 400-year-old town aglow

In late March and early April, UNESCO heritage site Hoi An in central Vietnam is illuminated by blooming sua flowers (Dalbergia tonkinensis).

35-meter-tall waterfall, a hidden charm in Quang Tri

Trang Ta Puong Waterfall in Quang Tri Province, central Vietnam exudes an unspoilt beauty unknown to most.

Attractiveness of Hoi An ancient streets – where time pauses

Experiencing the changes of space and time, yet Hoi An ancient streets still keep their old beauty, and relic complexes are maintained intact along with a huge intangible cultural base. Hoi An is an ancient town of the Vietnamese

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach is the perfect complement to the sightseeing and tourist bustle of town. With the once popular Cua Dai Beach suffering from severe erosion, An Bang now holds the crown as Hoi An’s go-to beach