244-year-old Hue bridge to undergo restoration

Restoration of former imperial capital Hue’s 244-year-old Thanh Toan Bridge in Thanh Thuy Chanh Village, commenced Thursday.

Largest communal house pulse of Central Highlands

Dubbed ‘roof of the tall mountains’, Kon So Lal communal house is a revered spiritual landmark of Gia Lai Province.

Vietnamese photographers dazzle at Agora contest

Nine entries by Vietnamese photographers have been named among the top 50 in Water 2020 contest of Agora, a global photography social network.

Relics within a relic in Vung Tau

In the historical White Palace (Bach Dinh) in Vung Tau Town, southern Vietnam are kept three century-old artifacts from a shipwreck off Con Dao Island.

Palace where Nguyen king was incarcerated for being anti-French

The White Palace in Vung Tau Town was where King Thanh Thai, the 10th ruler of the Nguyen Dynasty, was once confined.

Attractiveness of Hoi An ancient streets – where time pauses

Experiencing the changes of space and time, yet Hoi An ancient streets still keep their old beauty, and relic complexes are maintained intact along with a huge intangible cultural base. Hoi An is an ancient town of the Vietnamese

Ako Dhong: village in the city

In the past, Ako Dhong was nothing but forests. The village patriarch Ama H’rin was the first person to reclaim the area and turn it into a new land for the E De ethnic community in 1956.

‘Little Japan’ adds allure to Saigon

Established during the 2000s, ‘Little Japan’ represents a distinct cultural enclave in downtown Saigon.