Lan Ha Bay Is Ranked Among The Most Beautiful In The World

It is known that Lan Ha Bay is famous as one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam, peaceful and romantic, adjacent to Ha Long Bay.

The beauty of Lan Ha Bay

The charming beauty of Lan Ha Bay is made up of hundreds of rocky islands. Such as Hon Guoc, Hon But, Con Con Rua, Hon Doi, Hon Hai Co, Hon Bu Nau, Hon Tai Keo, But Day… with more than 130 shiny golden sand stretching at the foot of the mountain, playing all year round with the cool, blue water. While each mountain has a unique appearance, each small island on the bay has its own story about the birth.

On Lan Ha Bay, the mountain density is quite thick, dividing the sea surface into fields, small bays, with many valleys, caves still pristine and undiscovered. And the miracle is that visitors can have the opportunity to see the only endemic primate species in the world in Cat Ba Island. It's the Cat Ba Langur, also known as the White-headed Langur.

When traveling to Lan Ha Bay, visitors can experience and adventurous adventure by climbing, one of the types of adventure tourism particularly attractive to foreign tourists.

Visitors will be conquered the towering limestone mountains between the vast ocean water waves, from the top of the mountain visitors will "try thrills" to jump from above to the sea. Surfing in the bay by canoe is also great for those who love adventure sports in Lan Ha Bay.

According to the chairman of the world's most beautiful bay club association. Mr Michel Bujold, the board of directors of the association has approved the appraisal report and received 100% of the vote in agreement with the nomination file of Lan Ha Bay.

The Association of the most beautiful bays in the World will award the certificate of Lan Ha of the top most beautiful bays in May 2020.